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All of our equipment is, and always has been, manufactured and tested in a Totally Smoke Free environment.
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The fundamental design philosophy for ALL of our equipment is:
  1.  Achieve the lowest IM (InterModulation) Distortion, even at the expense of other generally accepted measures of quality and aesthetic styling features.
  2.  Achieve the lowest Harmonic Distortion.
  3.  Provide all of the necessary controls required to easily and accurately achieve a pleasing spectral balance with any recording / music source, volume level, or listening environment.

Our equipment represents a viable alternative to the mediocrity of conventional audio.   Our technology is not based on any current "fad" and we do not manufacture "goofy sound effect devices" -- our design philosophy is based on solid engineering / electro-acoustic theory.   The equipment presented in this brochure is not intended for the average consumer, but rather for those who expect and can appreciate the highest level of quality and performance in audio equipment.

None of our components or systems have been "tweaked" to achieve a particular sound character while playing a certain "kind of music"; it is a popular myth that a particular type of equipment or system is needed to obtain a pleasing sound character with a particular type of music.   We do not subscribe to the idea of deliberately introducing "soft distortion" artifacts to mask "harsh distortion" present in the source material.   If the music source material is not flawed, all of our systems will yield exceptional sound character, regardless of the "kind of music".
  Note *1. Distortion Audibility
  Equalizer Distortion Myth

From the beginning we realized that passive crossovers for speakers inherently can't work*Note* and introduced the industry's first 4-way-stereo Electronic Crossover.   It soon became apparent that a whole category of speaker response anomalies could easily and accurately be corrected by incorporating appropriate compensation into the crossover sections without introducing additional active gain stages.   It should be noted, however, that ELECTRONIC EQ (whether active or passive) ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT COMPENSATE FOR MECHANICAL MIS-ALIGNMENT OF SPEAKER DRIVERS; thus all of our speaker systems feature user-adjustable Time-Alignment*2 for the drivers.

More technical details of our design philosophy are described under :
  Crossover Design Philosophy
  Power Amp / Crossover System Philosophy
  Speaker Design Philosophy
  Footnotes / Extended Technical Data

While other manufacturers are perpetuating obsolete technology, we offer systems with a level of quality that has previously been unattainable -- at any cost.


Reference System
VLA Monitor System
Remote Unit :
Pre-Amp Extension ~ 10-Band Equalizer

    Equalizer Distortion Myth
    Room Equalizers
3PX8 Electronic Crossover :
2, 3, 4-way-stereo

    Design Philosophy
    Passive Crossover Pitfalls
Reference 1000 :
4-section Mono Power Amp

    Design Philosophy
Reference SubWoofers :
    S18B, S15B
Monitor SubWoofers :
    S18M, S15M
Satellites :
    Monitor II
    VLA Monitor
Speaker Details :
    Sonic Character
    Design Philosophy
    Finish Options
Footnotes / Extended Technical Data


DA-192X :
192 KHz D/A Converter - Analog Preamp
Preamp/Equalizer/Mixer (PEM III) :
Audiophile DJ Mixer
3PBP Electronic Crossover :
2, 3, 4-way-stereo
Obsolete, Upgrades, Limited Support


Pro Reference System
Pro Monitor II System
Home Theater


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